Land of eyes

Land of eyes

  From an old friend’s eyes, I met another me. As it was very different from me, I was so confused that I asked myself several times whether it was the real me. From other people, I met another different me each time. With the question of what is the real me, I was confused between my alter ego recognized by others and myself that I had thought of.

   That we build relationships begins with the fact that we have an effect on each others’ senses. Among many senses, eyes perform a very unique sociological function and this is the connection and interaction between individuals looking at each other. People looking at each other build a direct and indirect relationship and leave extremely subjective traces.

  John Berger said that they look at me or I look at them, but what is seen is just an image. However, the image is formed by their memories, knowledge or concepts and is very subjective. In other words, an image is exposed by a viewer’s specific eyes as a record. Therefore, a gap between the alter ego recognized by others and my existence remains as a dissonance that cannot be narrowed.

  I stand on the eyes, the place where an image is first created. However, I cannot be there as I am. As the alter ego recognized by others can never be the same as my existence, it is compromised by a shadow. Like a shadow that reflects its original object but shows a distorted image depending on the direction or intensity of light, I can be a fluid and transmutable existence in others’ eyes.

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